3 Idiots full movie download

3 Idiots full movie download

3 Idiots full movie download

3 Idiots full movie download


Onboard Air Asian nation flight Farhan Qureshi suddenly receives a decision from Chatur Ramalingam claiming that he has found Rancho. He then causes aircraft landing by feigning a heart failure. Farhan fetches Raju Rastogi and that they meet Chatur at a storage tank in their recent school campus; Chatur revealing that Rancho is in Shimla.

As they drive their thanks to Shimla, a flashback shows Farhan and Raju starting their school year within the prestigious Imperial school of Engineering (ICE) in Old Delhi. They’re joined Ranchoddas “Rancho” Chanchad.

Whereas Farhan takes engineering over photography to please his father. Raju takes the course to elevate his family from poorness. Rancho, on the opposite hand, believes in hands-on learning. And tends to convey unorthodox answers in school, coming back into conflict with professors. Particularly with the institution’s director, Dr. Viru Sahastrabuddhe or “Virus”, whose ancient and strict philosophies on education distinction sharply with Rancho’s carefree love of learning.

Meanwhile, Chatur, nicknamed “Silencer”, is proud Ugandan-born Tamil student with very little data of Hindi. Rancho uses this to criticise Virus’s technique of teaching and show him what quantity pressure engineers face after they study – angering him more.

The three then gatecrash a marriage to eat and Rancho tries to win over a lady, Pia, from marrying her egotistical and money-driven fiancé. Once she takes offense, she points them bent her father, Virus, UN agency sees them and asks to ascertain Farhan and Rajan – threatening their families financial gain. Rancho later befriends Tacca pinnatifida. UN agency could be a residency student at the city’s hospital.


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