Chennai Express Full Movie Download

Chennai Express Full Movie Download

Chennai Express Full Movie Download

Chennai Express Full Movie Download

Rahul Mithaiwala (Shah Rukh Khan) may be a stranded unhitched male living in Bombay.

Raised by his grandparents from the age of eight, Rahul’s granddaddy (Lekh Tandon) possesses a sequence of frozen dessert parlor retailers. before his granddad’s 100th-birthday recreation, 2 of Rahul’s companions welcome him to travel with them on a getaway in a state,

which he acknowledges. She requests that Rahul take the fiery remains to Rameswaram and scatter them. Reluctantly, he acknowledges her demand however on the opposite hand is anxious to travel to the state trip.

Rahul and his companions shall dump the fiery remains at state but his granny has to see him off, driving Rahul to movement via prepare. He books a solitary price ticket on the city categorical, eager to meet his companions on the way, at Kalyan Intersection station. withal, Rahul neglects to require the scoria, and he nearly misses the prepare once he comes back to collect them.

As he tries to depart the prepare, he sees a woman speeding to load it. He encourages her and 4 alternative people to load the moving train, but the prepare leaves the station before he will get off.
RFroze, Rahul discovers that the boys square measure her cousins which her name is Meenalochni “Meena” Azhagusundaram (Deepika Padukone).

She is escaping from an affected wedding to Tangaballi (Nikitin Dheer). Her dad, Durgeshwara Azhagusundaram (Sathyaraj) is Associate in Nursing intense headman of the neighborhood mafia in Tamil Nadu.

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